• Em Rae

A Happy Tradition: Homemade Cinnamon Rolls

We really got started in baking when we realized our love for Amish baked goods. We would visit and sell at our bakes at different events that often included Amish bakers and their soul satisfying goodies. We found that not only was their food delicious, but the way they used ingredients that were pronounceable and natural inspired our determination to provide the same quality to our hometown.

One of the bakes that we have long since enjoyed are our classic cinnamon buns and pecan sticky buns.

We've made a tradition of baking these for you to wake up to every Saturday morning...and boy what a treat!

Now, we know that Saturday just passed by...yesterday. So why would we tell you about this tradition now?

Well, friends, we just want you to be able to clear your morning for the upcoming Saturday! Don't worry, there's a Saturday every week, and we never fail to produce these delicious, comforting treats.

We'll see ya on Saturday.

-Your local down home bakers

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